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16.02.2015Artist News

In 2010 SoulHealer from Finland released their first EP Dreamcatcher. This EP was sold out almost over night, and became a highly searched collectors item in the Metal Underground Scene.  It’s 2015 now and SoulHealer are proud with what they have reached so far in the everchanging music business. Three full albums, a label deal with Pure Legend Records and more than a hundred live shows is not that bad for an underground band in that timespan, not forgetting the growing and loyal fanbase.

Touring has concentrated mostly to their home country Finland with some very few and far exceptions. The main issue here are the expenses of such touring. That was the reason to start a crowdfunding campaing at Indiegogo.

SoulHealer wants to celebrate their Five Years Anniversary with all fans.

One of the perks in support for the campaign is a re-print of the long sold out Dreamcatcher T-Shirt.

And this is only the start of the celebrations, there will be alot more coming this year. 2015 will be a SoulHealer Year!

Sin Chee Clearly Anymore!