SoulHealer – Album Update & More Summer Gigs added!

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15.05.2014Live News

It was a bit quiet in the SoulHealer camp with official news for the last three or four month. Well, the boys are really busy working on their new album. The recordings have already started and everything is still going as planned. A release for the follow-up for their 2013 album „Chasing The Dream“ can be expected for autumn 2014.

SoulHealer have also added six more live dates for their summer tour in Finland:

16.5.2014 Kempele, Royal Night Train
17.5.2014 Utajärvi, Utajärven Baari
13.6.2014 Helsinki, KAOFest Espan Puisto
14.6.2014 Parkano, Parooni
4.7.2014  Kajaani, Kainuun Musiikkijuhlat
11.7.2014 Suonenjoki, Kasi Bar
12.7.2014 Puolanka, LankaFest
18.7.2014 Ukkohalla, Swamp Rock
25.7.2014 Kannus, Krouvi MenoMono
26.7.2014 Jämsänkoski, No Mercy -event
30.7.2014 Lieksa, Vaskiviikko Klubi-ilta w/ Zero Nine

The next two gigs in May will feature former bass player Teemu Aho behind the drums. Jani Nyman the current SoulHealer drummer is going through some health issues at the moment, which forces him to sit out those two shows. His condition does not affect the album progress at all and he will be also back on stage in June

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