SPLIT HEAVEN announce new bass player!

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14.03.2014Artist News

“In these last few weeks Split Heaven and guitarist Pedro Zelbohr had to separate due to his personal reasons to carry out other goals in life. This was a big blow for us, but just that the flames of our heavy metal are becoming stronger and make us be more alive than ever.

Because of this, a new alignment has been formed and we want to announce and welcome our friend Pablo Ollervides as new bassist of the band, leaving the position of guitarist for Carlo "Taii" Hernández who acted as bassist since the beginning of Split Heaven. Tomas Roitman will continue destroying the battery, Armand "Hank" Ramos bleeding our ears with his guitar and Giancarlo Farjat riffs will never cease to gritaaaar!

So let us rock and shake our heads because: the heavy metal will never die!”

Gian Carlo Farjat - vocals
Carlo "Taii" Hernández - guitars
Pablo Ollervides - bass
Armand "Hank" Ramos - guitars
Tomas Roitman - drums